Visit to England

Pray for the dying churches and the lost in England.

Your Journey of Faith

Strengthen your foundations of faith by understanding what you believe and why you believe it.

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Frank's New Book

It was the Featured Topic on Herman Cain's national radio show for an entire week.

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Life Is A Big Cruel Joke

Many people in the world are not fortunate enough to escape the suffering and loss that result from things such as cancer, crime, and a myriad of other heart-wrenching experiences. People who go through these emotional rollercoasters often begin to question the purpose of life. Sadly, the conclusion that many come to is that life is nothing more than a …

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The Unpopular Vote: What Should Christians Do?

Vote Pic E1340897023481

With the presidential election quickly approaching, the options for Christian voters have been narrowed down to a single option. However, it is my contention that the option most Christian voters have settled on is an unbiblical one. Since the citizens of any country have a responsibility, a duty, to exercise their right to vote, not voting should never be an …

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Blind-Sided by a Lack of Faith

Seldom do Christians seek to understand the very thing that identifies what they believe. They walk about from one day to the next testing the foundations of their belief system without even realizing it. The decisions they make, the attitudes they allow, and the feelings they elicit force them to exercise a part of themselves that they do not fully …

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